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The art of restoration includes consideration towards the act of preservation. Everything that we do to a treasured piece of antique wood furniture today should be of a nature that is easy for a future generation to reverse. Refinishing wood is not an act of restoration or preservation; this is a permanent change being made to a valuable antique. Refinished wood pieces have their place in an active family home, and this process is fine to attempt on wood furniture that is not designated as an investment or family heirloom to savor.

When an antique furniture piece is restored, it often loses all value. This is a very hard concept for many people to understand. As our current generation adds or subtracts from the original work from a master crafts person, this is like painting a neon mustache onto the Mona Lisa painting that Leonardo da Vinci created during the 16th century. Our current neon paint may be fashionable, but it would change the work of a master.

True antique furniture pieces were created over a 100 years ago. The wood was taken from very old trees and will show a different pattern than our quick-growth varieties today. Furniture finishes were created through different processes than our mass produced varieties on the marketplace today. As an example, when a real fruit finish is removed from an 1820?s Duncan Phyfe table, it can never be replaced. A new finish will always be a neon mustache where the old patina of an aged fruit finish should be.


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