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So, by now you've talked about how to judge your space for a hardwood flooring installation, and how to choose a hardwood flooring species. You’ve decided that your space can support a solid wood floor for the long term. And you’ve chosen your species based on a balance between look, durability, and workability.

We often hear that the biggest problem in the St. Louis floor covering industry is poor installation and installation failures. While installation is a challenge in the industry for a variety of reasons, it is not the biggest cause of flooring failures. That distinction goes to ignorance and by this I mean the lack of knowing what product to use where, how and why. Simply put, ignorance - not in a derogatory sense but in the true meaning of the word - the lack of knowledge - fosters most dissatisfaction with floor covering and causes the majority of floor covering failures.

If your in need of the highest quality St. Louis flooring installers for your residential or commercial projects, free estimates on all your St. Louis flooring installation needs.. We are licensed Contractors, bonded, and insured company offers affordable rates and excellent flooring services.


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