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Furniture Medic Notes

by scott

Tips for keeping your furniture healthy

Furniture Medic Uncovers Your Furniture’s True Nature

You try to take care of your furniture by polishing it so it will have moisture and shine. But one day you realize that your furniture looks dull. Is the polish not working anymore? Why does polish that is meant to make wood shine do just the opposite?

Restore your wood furniture Relax. There is nothing wrong with the polish. Your furniture just has a case of build-up. Repeated polishing leaves behind build up that dulls the finish over time. So, how can you find the shine again?

The furniture experts at Furniture Medic by Scott have some suggestions for restoring that glow. First check the finish on the furniture to be sure there is no cracking or peeling of the top finish. If there is any damage to the finish please contact the professionals at the Furniture Medic by Scott to provide an expert solution to repairing your furniture.

If the top finish is not damaged but just dull from wax/polish build-up then try our simple steps to help revitalize your furniture!

If after this clean-up project you still feel your furniture needs more attention, call The Furniture Medic by Scott Cramer. The team at Furniture Medic by Scott has the know-how and equipment to take care of all your furniture needs.

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