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Tips for keeping your furniture healthy

Furniture Medic Tips for Scratches and Dings to Wax and Water Rings

The purchase of a beautiful piece of wood furniture is an investment that can last for generations, so it is important to take the utmost care in protecting that investment.

Professional Advice from Furniture Medic on Protecting Wood Furniture:

- Clean your furniture regularly with a mild soap (such as the kind you wash your hands with) that has been diluted.

- Avoid using household cleaners that contains ammonia. Use a quality polish that does not contain silicone or alcohol to polish your furniture once a week. Alcohol, a basic ingredient in some strippers, can actually damage the finish.

- If you find a watermark on your table, try this remedy: don’t cover the damp area. After it is completely dry, place regular mayonnaise (not sandwich spread) onto a soft cloth and gently rub it on the watermark. In most cases, the watermark will disappear.

- If candle wax drips onto a table, wait until the wax has cooled and hardened. Apply an ice cube directly to the wax, giving it sufficient time to cool the wax making it hard and brittle. Next, take a plastic spatula and gently scrape off the cold wax, removing the larger pieces. To remove the remaining wax, polish the table with a clean cloth and a good cream furniture polish. Buff away any remaining residue.

- Minor scratches can often be disguised by using a scratch cover product available in most supermarkets. Just apply the product to a clean cloth and lightly rub it over the scratch.

By following these handy steps, you can bring your favorite furniture back to full health!

If after this clean-up project you still feel your furniture needs more attention, call The Furniture Medic by Scott Cramer. The team at Furniture Medic by Scott has the know-how and equipment to take care of all your furniture needs.

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